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amitWelcome to my blog. Since the day I discovered affiliate marketing, I have been working hard at it. Its been a wonderful experience. I have lost money, learned a lot, made some money and rediscovered my strengths and weaknesses. Affiliate marketing is a 24×7 job. Its requires constant attention and education. I still get a rush when I see a sale come through. Every time I look at my web logs I learn something new. I am a 5 bar affiliate in Commisson Junction now, that doesn’t mean I make a killing, but it does mean I know a little about affiliate marketing.

I am a Software Engineer by profession (my day job) and a part time affiliate marketer.

I have a number of affiliate sites. I dabble in PPC, SEO, Social Marketing. I started with traditional affiliate networks and now I am trying cpa networks.

Each day brings me a teachable moment and a new challenge.

I wish to journal my experiences, my thoughts and my day to day venture through this blog. There is no shortcut in affiliate marketing. There is no overnight success. But I promise you it can be rewarding if you keep working on it.

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