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I was currently reviewing a few CPA offers from Neverblue which are for specific countries like UK, Australia. I thought if I could get a list of all the cities and towns from those countries and then add my seed keywords to them, it will generate a nice, long keyword list. And then I will set up geo-targetted campaigns on Yahoo to test the offers.

So I head over to Yahoo and start building a campaign, and I don’t see any of those countries in my geo target list. So I go over to my account setting and realize that I have excluded UK, Australia and Africa from where I don’t want to get any clicks. Fair enough. I didn’t want to change that setting in my main account.

So I switch to a smaller Yahoo account that I had recently opened. I go to the account setting and include UK and Australia.

Then go back and start a brand new campaign hoping to target UK searches only. But when I get to the point where I can Geo-Traget, I still don’t see UK. All I see is US and Canada. Hmmm…, gets me thinking. There must be a catch somewhere. I do some search and then learn this.

Yahoo’s geo-targeting is somewhat different. You can geo target states, cities, regions within your own geographic location. Mine is US and Canada. So Yahoo lets me geo target places in US and Canada. On top of that I can exclude other continents like Europe, Australia, Asia if I don’t want traffic from them.

But I cannot geo target a place outside of US/Canada only. So for me, I can’t build a campaign for UK only. Yahoo wouldn’t let me exclude US/Canada from my campaign.

So I can do US + UK or Canada +UK or US + Canada + UK but not UK only. Not possible in Yahoo.

What a bummer. This means I can’t promote any UK only or Australia only offer through Yahoo. And combining UK with US to promote a UK only offer isn’t going to work as all the clicks from US will be invalid and why would I want to pay for those clicks anyway.

Isn’t yahoo losing money by forcing you to include your base location in all your campaigns? I could have had more number of campaigns, hence more income for Yahoo, if I could have had a UK only campaign.

In conclusion, to answer the question,

Can you Geo Target in Yahoo Search Marketing?

The answer is Yes and No. You can geo target places within your geo location, but not outside your geo location.

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  1. Rohan says:

    Yahoo geo targeting sucks! I have an account with my market set as UK and Ireland. Now I want to have 2 campaigns within UK/ Ireland.

    1) Big Cities – Such as Dublin, London, etc

    2) Smaller Cities- Such as Cork, Limerick, etc

    The reason for this is that clicks from London, Dublin etc eat up my budget very fast and my primary audience is in the rural areas. So I wanted to have an upper cap for the big cities and allot a separate budget for the smaller towns – hence, the new campaign.

    When I go to the geo target settings page and select – Target by region, I don’t see any dropdown or map (the way it comes in AdWords). The help center is also ineffective.

    what do you suggest in this case? How do I go about doing this?

  2. Jeremy Kenyon says:

    Yes – Yahoo have no idea how to make a usable advertising platform. I have to make essentially an independent account for almost every separate country. Each one is billed separately (so they told me). Its a ridiculous system they have.

    I may bother to do UK and USA, but I am not bothering with any other parts of the world.

    How Yahoo can make such a mess of such a simple thing is beyond me – there is a reason Google dominate – they make life easier for the people paying their bills.

  3. Zen says:

    I agree with the ‘make a mess of such a simple thing’ part, but Google making our lives easier? Over my dead body. The act of banning 90% of affiliates account and campaigns is simply too disgusting for me to digest.

    Yahoo isn’t making my life any simpler with their ridiculous geo-targeting system. I cannot believe I have to start 3 accounts to target US Canada, Australia New Zealand and UK Ireland; all in different currencies!!! It makes tracking 100 times harder than in Adwords, BUT at least they are not banning my accounts without giving me a proper reason, which is what Google is good at.

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