How to Build a Thick Affiliate Site

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Most affiliates are wary of showing their affiliate sites to other affiliates, lest the sites get copied. The fear is understandable. If a formula works for one affiliate, it will work for another.

But are all sites copyable? The answer is no. Only thin affiliate sites are at a risk of being copied. You are much safer if you have a thick affiliate site.

So how do a build a so called THICK Affiliate site.

  1. Develop Original Content
  2. Develop original, good content. Its not going to happen overnight. You will need to constantly work on it. You need to develop a plan and stick to it.

    There are many types content. It doesn’t have to be only articles. Develop what you like. Develop pod-casts, videos, photographs. Carry your flip video camera, digital camera with you. Find something interesting, record it. All the tools needed to develop these types of content are relatively cheap now a days.

    Even graphical images developed using Photoshop, CorelDraw are great content. There are many sites which give away free icons. Their main content is these graphic files. Many develop free wordpress themes. All these original content brings them traffic.

    Befriend well known personalities in your niche. Interview them and post it to your blog.

    Develop a set of questions and have them answer them. Ask their permission to publish them on your site. It will help you and your readers and will be great content.

    Example Sites: – A fashion blog which has developed a lot of content in the fashion niche and attracts a ton of traffic. – A deal and coupon site which is kept fresh with daily content. – Develops content for the designer community.

  3. Develop a Local Site
  4. A local site can be a great resource for others in your area and will give you plenty of content. Your main advantage is you live there, you can feel the pulse of the place much better than anybody else. You go out with your camera take a photo of the rain, sun and snow and post it, not literally, but you get the point.

    Examples – A local events directory where users can submit local events.

  5. Use Technology
  6. A site based on some technology is very hard to emulate. If you are a programmer, a developer, use your technical skills to develop something. A price compare engine, a search engine, a wordpress plugin, a facebook application, a tool that can let other do some tasks will make your site unique and absolutely can’t be copied.

    Examples – A flight, hotel ticket price search engine. – A directory of user submitted travel reviews, photos.

    These are not necessarily affiliate sites, but nothing stops you from developing an affiliate site with some heavy usage of technology.

  7. Set the bar high
  8. Spend time on your site, keep expanding it, keep adding more features, more content to it. Attach a blog and post relevant content regularly. A website is a living object. Let it grow, make it grow constantly.

    If you can build a full site in day or two, then anybody can copy and paste your site in an hour. And its not really a site. Its just a collection of few landing pages.

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